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What is Telemedicine and American TeleClinic 2nd Opinion Service?

Quality healthcare has been deprived in Pakistan for a long period, hence the confidence is shaky when it concerns the course and manner of medical treatment for yourself or your loved ones. Reaching important medical decisions for diagnosis and treatment can get stressful. The most important aspect of treatment and sustainable wellbeing is thorough understanding of your condition and available options.

Shifa4U American TeleClinic service allows you to get additional knowledge about your condition and diagnosis. This additional information may open simpler and more efficient treatment options for you, options you were unaware of initially. These new options may lead to alternate course of treatment which may eliminate the need of complex surgery or procedure.

Seeking 2nd opinion from American TeleClinic allows you to reach out to the top consultant physicians actively practicing in prized institutions of USA. The medical advancements in developed healthcare regions are leaps and bounds ahead of Pakistan, and hence an American consultant’s opinion may enlighten you of the latest treatment opportunities.

In case the 2nd opinion provided by American TeleClinic’s consultant physician is similar to the diagnosis and treatment of your local physician, confirmation from more than one sources will provide you with reassurance and peace of mind on being on the right course of treatment.

An important highlight of American TeleClinic service is providing you American healthcare services without the costs and regulatory hurdles involved in obtaining American visa and travelling.

American Teleclinic will provide you with a comprehensive online second opinion report that can be easily shared with family members and your hometown physician to determine which care plan best suits your individual needs.

How American TeleClinic works

Shifa4U brings American TeleClinic to help you reach the most informed decisions about your diagnosis and treatment plan. On Shifa4U, getting connected with American healthcare system is as simple as click of a button! Simply send a request, and our support department will get in touch with you right away to help you through the process.

There are two modes of American Teleclinic
Offline Consultation

Prepare and submit your medical case with the help of Shifa4U medical staff and get written recommendation report at patient portal.

Online Consultation (Coming soon)

Similar to offline consultation, you submit your case and after the review of Shifa4U physicians and board of American TelePhysicians, an online appointment with relevant American consultant physician is scheduled to be taken place at Shifa4U facility or Shifa4U partnered facility. You are assisted by a Shifa4U local physician during your appointment to overcome any language barriers and ensure thorough understanding of queries and recommendations without anything being lost in transition. Thorough recommendation is also provided in written form after consultation.

Step-by-step guide
Offline recommendation
Online recommendation

Service will be available soon.

What is included in 2nd Opinion service?

Offline 2nd Opinion service includes data collection, medical record creation (accessible to the user from anywhere in the world), case review by top American consultant physicians of relevant specialty, and his/her recommendations. The recommendations are provided in text as well as video format and are made available in user account. A hard copy can be collected from Shifa4U regional office. Each consultation comes with 3 post-recommendation questions option FREE of charge to be availed within 30 days of recommendation.

After consultation support

User has an option to ask up to 3 questions from his American consultant physician after recommendation has been provided. This option can be availed within 30 days after recommendation. The user may consult Shifa4U physician at any time after recommendation for any queries as many times as desired.


The pricing for second opinion services starts at 100$ upwards depending upon the type of consultation the specialty and the number of consultants involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

As telemedicine and 2nd opinion service are relatively new concepts in Pakistan, we encourage you to go through our FAQs to get a better understanding of the service offered before you process a request.

Why do I need American TeleClinic 2nd Opinion service?

There are a number of reasons you might consider seeking American TeleClinic second opinion service. If you are not comfortable with the doctor’s level of experience treating your problem or feel that your physician is not providing enough information for you to make an informed decision. Some of the common reasons for which patient seek second opinion include but not limited to:

  • If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to confirm the proposed treatment plan.
  • If you are offered more than one treatment alternative and does not know which one to choose.
  • If you have multiple medical problems that places you at greater risk of suffering complications as a result of surgery or other medical treatment.
How are American TeleClinic doctors different from US qualified doctors working in Pakistan?

American TeleClinic doctors are actively practicing in US/UK with current and up to date qualification to treat and diagnose patients with complex medical conditions. American TeleClinic doctors can also guide you and facilitate the process of getting you advance and cutting-edge treatment if you choose to travel to these destinations for your medical care.

I don’t speak English, how will I communicate with American doctors?

Shifa4U Medical Officer will be taking your detailed history and doing clinical examination. If you feel you cannot effectively communicate with American doctors then the Shifa4U Medical Officer can interpret and convey your concerns to the American doctors in a more effective way.

Who can view the information I share with Shifa4U/American TeleClinic team?

As an international organization, we take the confidentiality of your information very seriously. Only designated and credentialed shifa4U/American TeleClinic staff members will be allowed to access your information after your permission. Your information will not be shared with non Shifa4U/American TeleClinic staff without your written consent.

How long does it usually take to get an opinion?

We understand the frustration of waiting especially when you are diagnosed with any health condition. At Shifa4U/American TeleClinic we work effectively to get your questions answered in a timely fashion. For most second opinion cases we are able to provide recommendations on your case within 4-5 business days but it can sometime vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Who decides which consultant will provide my 2nd Opinion service?

You have an option to decide which consultant will review your case. American TeleClinic physicians along with their brief profiles are listed on our website to help you make this decision. You can also ask our Shifa4U Medical Officer who can always guide you in making an informed decision.

What if I have questions regarding the 2nd opinion service provided to me?

We will always strive to make your experience satisfying and free of any confusion. If you feel you have questions regarding the 2nd opinion you have the option of using our follow up appointment at no charge to ask those questions.

How can I be sure that the offline 2nd opinion is actually being provided by an American specialist?

Your American Specialist will also be providing a brief video with the recommendations. The video will be uploaded to your electronic medical record. You can always request a copy of the video if you want to discuss your case with any other consultant.

What is the refund policy?

We will do every effort to meet your expectations. But, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your case we will refund your fee after deducting a very nominal administration fee.

What are the payment modes?

Payment modes include

  • On-site payment
  • All major credit cards
  • Telenor Easypaisa
I am not in Pakistan, can I still avail your 2nd Opinion service?

Yes, even if you are not in Pakistan you can take the advantage of our 2nd Opinion service and take care of your loved ones back in Pakistan by using our shifa4U portal.

Sample Recommendation

Recommendation for offline 2nd opinion service is provided in two formats, i.e. written document and recorded video. Below are samples of both :- (click to view)

Text-     2nd Opinion Recommendation.pdf

Video-   2nd Opinion

Can I access my 2nd opinion recommendation online?

Yes, your recommendations are available in your account and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Your account is secured to ensure only you may access your data using your account ID and password.

Who can view my data?

Your data is securely stored on Shifa4U servers and is visible to your account ID only. We encourage you to keep your account ID and password secure and not share with anyone you don’t trust.

Will Shifa4U provide transcripts and Urdu translation?

Yes, transcripts are provided with every recommendation. An Urdu translation will be provided upon request free of charge. Moreover, you are welcome to consult Shifa4U physician to discuss your case after consultation.