What is American TeleClinic?

American TeleClinic is a revolutionary service where you can get in touch with top American Consultant Physicians and top US healthcare systems through Shifa4U online portal. It is an excellent service to consult about your or loved one's medical condition with the world's best medical practitioners without having to suffer through the hassle and expense of international travel and VISA acquisition.

There are two modes of American Teleclinic

Offline Consultation

You submit your case accompanied by medical documents, Shifa4U physician team reviews your case and if required, request feature tests/radiology. Once completed, your case is forwarded to the board of American TelePhysicians group and referred to the relevant American consultant physicians. The consultant reviews the case and provides thorough consultation in written as well as video format.

Online Consultation

Similar to offline consultation, you submit your case and after the review of Shifa4U physicians and board of American TelePhysicians, an online appointment with relevant american consultant physician is scheduled to be taken place at Shifa4U facility or Shifa4U partnered facility. You are assisted by a Shifa4U local physician during your appointment to overcome any language barriers and ensure thorough understanding of queries and recommendations without anything being lost in transition. Thorough recommendation is also provided in written form after consultation.

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