American Teleclinic


Shifa4u brings you the services of top tier American Healthcare Professionals via Shifa4u Online Consultancy Sessions & Offline recommendations. If you want an expert 2nd opinion in making an informed decision regarding a complicated disease or a critical medical decision, for instance a bypass surgery, dialysis or chronic obesity, you may access them via Shifa4u Tele Clinic portal, and have online and offline consultancy sessions with doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, speech therapists and psychologists.

Home Nursing


Effective Home Nursing Care facility is vital to achieve good health recovery plan. At Shifa4u, our nurses are highly qualified, compassionate and supervised by internationally trained physicians to provide your loved ones with the best available nursing care at home. Book an appointment for your preferred service and time slot, and Shifa4u representative will get in touch with you right away!.

Home Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy treatment helps in relieving pain, improving muscles strength and maintaining and restoring maximum functionality of the body. On Shifa4u online healthcare portal, you can request an appointment to get our in-home physiotherapy services that include customized home-care packages as per individual needs based on American Standard of Health Care. Our certified physiotherapists are specialized in their training as well as compassionate with their patients’ needs.



Shifa4u aims towards providing one-stop-healthcare on our website. Our team at Shifa4u is working day and night to cater all your healthcare needs from testing, to diagnosis, to treatment in the palm of your hand. Shifa4u online pharmacy with delivery service is a big step in that direction. Now you can order medicines online from Shifa4u portal, and they will be delivered at your doorstep by our secure and trustworthy riders.