7 Causes of Overpopulation in Pakistan
July 11, 2018 | Dr. Khalid Mahmood

7 Causes of Overpopulation in Pakistan

A very high birth rate has led to a growth rate of 2.1 % in Pakistani population. As we know that per capita income derives by dividing national income on total population. Low per capita income shows the population explosion. Per capita income in Pakistan is about $ 1254. Another symbol of overpopulation is unemployment and it becomes difficult to adjust the huge population in economic activities. The rate of unemployment in Pakistan is 5.6 %. Several factors are responsible for this population explosion in Pakistan:
•  A single person cannot support his family in developing countries like Pakistan. He assumes that if he has more children there will be more earning hands to support the family.

•  Due to illiteracy, people are not aware of the economic problems caused by a high birth rate. Lack of thorough religious knowledge and some self-made beliefs also contribute.

•  Family planning available in Pakistan isn’t that effective. Most of the people are not familiar with the methods of family planning further they feel hesitation to consult for that as well.

•  Getting married at an early age like between 16 to 22 years in Pakistanis infect increases the duration for re-productivity in a woman’s life.

•  Sometimes competition among the family members in accordance with the family size especially in the joint family system is one of the causes.

•  Polygamy is the condition or practice of having more than one wife at one time. The existence of polygamy also contributes to the increase in population. People feel the pride to have a large family.

•  Lack of recreational facilities and employment opportunities in Pakistan is also a contributing factor. The only recreational activity a couple can have is passing time together.

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