Anti-Aging Tips
October 23, 2017 | Rabia Waqas

Anti-Aging Tips

Skin is the largest organ of your body and its health is essential for a healthy and younger appearance. Here are some of the best diet tips to help you appear younger.

• Drink more water, maintain good hydration and avoid too much tea or caffeine as they can cause dehydration.

• Eat more green vegetables as they contain beta-carotene (vitamin A) which helps to prevent cell damage and premature aging.

• Add berries and nuts to your diet as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which fight free radicals and can keep your skin moisturized and supple.

• Eat more oranges and citrus fruits as they are high in vitamin C, which helps your body to create collagen which in turn keeps your skin smooth and firm. If you lack collagen, your skin will start to sag and you will appear older than you are.

• Add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet which is found in seafood but if you don’t like seafood or are allergic to it, you can add them as supplement tablets. These fatty acids maintain good skin tone.

• Avoid processed foods and desserts as they contain high sugar and gluten which are culprits for aging you faster. 






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