Osteoporosis Treatment and Lifestyle Modifications | Part 3
July 19, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Osteoporosis Treatment and Lifestyle Modifications | Part 3

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Once a diagnosis of osteoporosis has been verified through BMD scans, a proper treatment plan can be discussed.  When speaking with a physician about treatment plans, ensure that lifestyle modifiers are discussed, in addition to medications.  The combination of medication, dietary changes, and proper exercise routine are vital in combating the effects of osteoporosis.

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Medications typically used to treat this condition include Bisphosphonates, Estrogen, Calcitonin, and Denusomab. Biphoshonates and Estrogen are the main treatments utilized for post-menopausal women. Calcitonin and Denusomab are used to lessen bone loss and increase bone density.  There are specific medication guidelines to consider before taking osteoporosis medications. So, take time to speak with your physician and pharmacist to ensure a proper understanding of when and how to take the prescribed medications.


To preserve bone density, exercise and increasing calcium intake are essential. Specifically, weight-bearing activities should be initiated, such as walking and jogging.  It is also vital to increase flexibility and stability to decrease the risk of falls. Falling with osteoporosis can lead to severe injuries, like bone fractures requiring surgery.  Increase flexibility and muscle strength by using free weights, stretch bands, and yoga. Other ways to prevent falls include removing household hazards, like rugs, in addition to installing safety bars and grips in the bathroom and bathtub.  Avoid medications that cause drowsiness, as this can contribute to falls at night, and try to keep some lights on at night throughout the house. 


Tomorrow, come back to view the last installment of this series and find out if calcium deficiency is really the main contributing factor to the development of osteoporosis. To speak with a physician about medications and lifestyle modifications regarding osteoporosis, connect with Shifa4U.

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