PINKtober - The Month of Breast Cancer Awareness
October 12, 2017 | Dr. Uzair Ghani

PINKtober - The Month of Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer awareness month – also known as PINKtober. Several cultural taboos are hindering breast cancer awareness in Pakistan. 

Women often do not like open discussion about their breast issues. Breast cancer awareness is the major task, and providing privacy for this discussion is yet another challenge. Several organizations are sharing the awareness programs by displaying pink color on their buildings, lighting, and tying pink ribbons on their arms. 

Females may perform monthly self-breast exams. They should consult their physician at an earliest sign of any palpable swelling (also known as “gilti”). A non-invasive special type of imaging test known as ‘mammogram’ is available at local hospitals and diagnostic centers. Early detection is possible with regular screening, starting at age 40-50 years. Let’s join hands and bringing this awareness to every woman in Pakistan

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