Rabies, Dog Bites & Vaccination
ویب سائٹ اردو میں استعمال کریں

Rabies, Dog Bites & Vaccination

November 06, 2017 | Dr. Uzair Ghani

Rabies is a life-threatening disease caused by the bite of infected animals most commonly stray dogs. Though wild animals and some other canines can harbor the causative organism. In Pakistan, now youngster and others are keeping the pet dogs. The dogs should be vaccinated by the vet. If someone is bitten by the unknown or stray dogs, wash the wound thoroughly with plenty of water and soap. Take the patient to the hospital for vaccination. In the past, there was an old-fashioned less effective sheep brain vaccine given in the shape of 14 shots with little protection and painful injections. Now a very effective tissue culture vaccine is available which can be given in the arm like any other injection or in an alternative route through subcutaneous injection. There are series of injection and protection is achieved. The case of dog bites is on increase in large cities to small towns to villages and there are so many deaths because of rabies. Please feel free, if you have any question on any aspect of this blog. The technical expert team shall be happy to address your questions and concerns.