The Importance of Annual Health Check-ups
June 15, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

The Importance of Annual Health Check-ups

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Regular physical examinations by a physician, also known as check-ups, are of vital importance and should be done yearly to ensure early detection of the numerous life-threatening conditions plaguing the population today.  Also, through regular check-ups, it is easier to stay on track towards achieving your overall health and wellness goals. Frequent discussions with your doctor about your health objectives and how to fulfill them should be a driving force behind scheduling your yearly check-up. 

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Things that are essential to discuss with your physician include lifestyle habits, eating habits, body weight goals, chronic medical conditions, minor ailments, and family life. The doctor is not only there for emergencies or when things go “wrong.” Although they are available in those instances, they are also there as a resource for you when things are going “right.”  Allow them to join your team of advisors.  Doctors can provide positive feedback and recommend a particular lifestyle and diet modifications to help you stay healthy and achieve your desired results.


For example, do you want to quit smoking? Discuss it with the doctor to see if they have any suggestions. Do you want to lose weight? Talk with your physician regarding how to go about that process. It should always be a priority to discuss significant lifestyle changes with your doctor to ensure that you are going about it properly and to ensure it is right for you.


Immunizations are offered at check-ups, which can aid in the prevention of many deadly bacterial and viral illnesses. Also, at your yearly physical exam, screening tools can be utilized to detect certain medical conditions. Screenings can include a complete blood panel to detect any abnormalities, such as high cholesterol or high blood sugar, a breast exam, a prostate exam, blood pressure monitoring for occurrences of high or low blood pressure, and skin checks for any unusual skin lesions that could indicate skin cancer.


To conclude, you and your physician are a team. Your doctor not only wants to see you live your best life, but your doctor wants to help you live your best life.  Include them in your discussions about your health goals and let their years of practice influence your health for the better. Shifa4U is here to help you take hold of your purpose in life, so speak with a physician today.


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Abigail Mckay

Abigail has been a nurse for five years, and throughout her time as a nurse, she has worked in multiple medical-surgical units as well as spent time in the infusion therapy clinic and endoscopy lab. She is passionate about preventative medicine through patient education regarding nutrition and exercise. Due to her passion, Abigail has gone on to earn two certifications including a certification in medical-surgical nursing (CMSRN) and a certification in holistic nursing (HNB-BC), in hopes of being able to better serve her patients. Abigail earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and now bettering patient education in the healthcare system through partnering with American TelePhysicians.